1 to 1 Home Tuition


PM to enquire


Minimum 1.5 hours, 1 lesson per week


After lesson support provided free of charge in the form of whatsapp / telegram.


Fully booked at the moment

Small Group Tuition 2020


PM to enquire

2 hours, 1 lesson per week



Max 2 students per slot


Free trial for 1 lesson.


Saturday 2pm to 4pm (new!)

Saturday 3pm to 5pm (new!)

Saturday 4pm to 6pm (full)

*Group Tuition Comparison at bottom of page*

1 to 1 online tuition


$15 10 /15 min (online platform)


Minimum 15 min per session


To be arranged (msg 94385929)

Bonus 1:

Free trial to introduce platform.

*More online information at bottom of page*

Small Group Tuition Information

Other Group Tuition

$400 or above

Class size 10 & above

Not all tutors are MOE school teachers

May not follow student's school order of topics

Standard worksheet for all regardless individual's learning needs

Not all tutors provide after lesson support

My Group Tuition

PM to enquire

Max size of 3

MOE teacher (>10 years exp)

1 to 1 style of coaching, follow  each student's school syllabus

Each student's weekly worksheets are customised to individual's needs

Free after lesson consultation (whatsapp / telegram)

My services are cheaper simply because there are no expensive rental and marketing gimmicks costs borne by the students.

Sometimes food found in food markets taste nicer and is cheaper than posh restaurants.

Online Tuition Information

Face to Face Tuition

Higher rate (e.g. $100/hr MOE)

Spend time traveling (tuition centre)

Parents need to be at home physically for safety reasons

Communication is more direct and faster face to face

Can only attend each lesson that one time. Need to pay extra lessons for recap.

Need to attend lesson weekly at a fixed time slot (1.5 hrs or more)

 Online Tuition

Lower rate (E.g. $40/hr (MOE)

No need travel. Anywhere with internet connection is fine

Parents can supervise anywhere online

Communication can still be done via live video and online whiteboard

Can replay online lessons for unlimited number of times without paying anything extra

Book a lesson only when you need it. A lesson can be as short as 15min

Nowadays we can even consult a doctor and get MC online. So with technology, online tuition can be effective yet cost and time saving.


Tel: 88379220

Email: mathconsultantsg@gmail.com

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