The snowball Effect

The struggles a student faces for A level is similar to rolling a snowball uphill. The snowball represents the amount of content that a student does not understand, and every single step the person takes represents the progress of the school curriculum.







As the curriculum progresses, a student will accumulate more and more learning difficulties. Given the fast pace of A level curriculum, the snowball will grow very fast and very soon a student may reach the point of no return if there is no additional support (e.g. tuition).

Two groups of parents/students

Based on my personal experience, there are two groups of people, one that takes precaution and try to prevent the snowball effect from happening while the other group is the one who seek "magical" help only when the negative effect of an oversized snowball is felt.

The cautious ones understood that even though they or their children scored A1 or A2 for O level math, it was because they had alot of tuition at Secondary level. Hence they knew these students will struggle alot if they do not have any additional support right a the beginning. Personally I have clients who even asked me to give headstart lessons before the JC posting results were released.

The other group will only start to find help after a major test, such as mid year examination. By then when they engage a tuition service, the tutor may not have sufficient time to raise the student's standard before the the promotional examination. These parents or students might not be aware that improvement takes time and there is probably no such thing as "last minute miracle".

Signs of students struggling

Many parents are nervous about their children's academic progress when they are in primary school or lower secondary school level. Probably it is because the curriculum is still within their understanding. However when these students progress to A level, none of the parents I know are aware of what is going on in school.

However, rather than throwing all the responsibility to the tutor, there is one way to tell if the student is struggling with the subject. Just check on the student's progress for school tutorials. Those struggling students are usually the ones who does not attempt the tutorial. Partially these students might have already given up on the subject since they do not know how to begin.

Rather than waiting for the disastrous exam result, parents or students should consider getting help as soon as possible. Getting a tutor would at least ensure the students can catch up with the school's pace and any additional time can be used for revision and improve on the mastery of each topic.

At the Mathconsultant, my strategy of helping the students would be to ensure students can complete their school tutorial ahead of the study plan. Any additional time can be used for revision of earlier topics.

Whether is it 1 to 1 or small group tuition, every student will get a customised study plan and also materials.

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