A Level Performance of Class 2017

March 1, 2018

Here's a summary of how my students who took A levels in 2017 performed. No names will be mentioned to keep privacy of my students (only school and initials will be used).


1) RVHS 1 : H2 math: A, Further math: D to A

2) RVHS 2: H2 math: A, Further math: U to A

3) RVHS 3: H2 math: A, Further math: U to B
















4) PJC: H2 Math: E to A


5) HCI: H2 Math: U to A


6) HCI: H2 Math: E to A


7) SAJC: H1 Math: S to A









8) IJC: H1 Math: B to A

This student has been coached by me since day 1 in JC. She has no additional math background and got C5 for E math, yet being able to get A for A level H1 is already a big accomplishment. Hence throughout her JC she has been getting mostly Bs and As for the internal tests/ exam.


9) ACJC: U to B

This assignment was probably the second toughest because this student did not pass any math test in JC 1 and his math was ranked bottom 10 - 20 % despite having 1 to 1 tuition with another tutor. I started coaching him in December and he passed his first test in March and slowly climbed up the grade. I am glad he is able to achieve a B at the end.











10) AJC: H2 Math: U to B

This assignment was the toughest one I had in 2017. This student did not pass any test in JC 1 despite joining a group tuition under a so - called "branded" tuition centre. This student has learning special needs and alot of effort is required to come up with new learning methods suitable for this student. The school teacher could not do much to help and gave a "wrong" diagnosis on why this student cannot pass math. I am glad that at the end this student managed to get a B.














11) CJC: H2 Math: U to B


12) Private Candidate: H2 Math: D to B

This student was from JJC and did not do well for A level in 2016. Hence she took A level again in 2017 as a private candidate but she is unable to rejoin the JC again. Hence I gave her intensive revision lessons from June to October. Glad that she managed to improve by 2 grades despite having no full support from the school.



For transparency purpose: There is 1 "unsuccessful" case. This is to let parents know that tuition is never 100% successful, regardless how tuition centres always advertise 100% As, etc.



13) ACJC: S to C

This student got U in JC 1 and managed to improve to D and C in JC 2. Then he got S for prelims but his percentile was 60+% (above average), which is mainly because the prelim paper was a killer. Being above average, he is in a very good position to score A for A levels. However I am not sure what happened to him and he scored Cs and below for almost every subject.


I guess that 3 hours during exam is the most important. It is really "do or die" situation and if a student messed up during that 3 hour despite doing well previously, it will all come to nothing.



If you require help for A level math, do message me @ 94385929 or check out my facebook page for latest availability.



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