Retaking A Levels?

Study Plan (Math)

The following are the key areas the study plan aims to address:

A) Recall 2 years' fundamental knowledge within 5 months.

B) Consistent practice of exam level materials to sharpen skills / senses back to exam standard.

C) Update students with new materials launched for 2019 students


1) Graphing, inequalities & SLE, functions

2) Sequences and Series

3) Application of differentiation, Maclaurin's series

4) Integration techniques & applications, Differential Equations

5) Vectors

6) Complex numbers

7) P&C, Probability

8) Discrete random variable, Binomial distribution

9) Normal distribution, Sampling

10) Hypothesis Testing

11) Regression and Correlation

** Upon completion of each module, a mini test is conducted as a check to the level of mastery for that module.**

** Upon completion of all modules, we will dive into EXAM MODE and do time trials every week to ensure that we are "ever-ready" for exam. **

Tuition Schedule:

Small Group Tuition: Every Saturday 4pm @ Jurong West St 52 (2 last slots)

Fees: $250 for every 4 lessons attended

Bring a friend along and both of you enjoy $50 off for first 4 lessons.


Tel: 94385929 


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