Teaching Method

1 to 1 home tuition

For every tuition lesson:​

1) Lesson materials are customised for each student to follow their school's syllabus and students can decide what

    topic to cover every lesson, especially when there is an upcoming test or exam.

2) Summary guide will be provided before each lesson for student to revise outside tuition hours. Therefore the

    precious tuition hours is used for 1 to 1 consultation to clarify doubts and remaining time is focused

    on problem solving and preparation for exam.

3) Students will be trained to be an independent learner with the tutor acting as a learning facilitator. After all

    in the examination, self-survival skill is utmost important.

4) Emphasis will be on consistent revision on the topics learnt. Consistent revision is more effective than last   

    minute "crash revision". Materials provided are from various examination papers or top school's tutorial questions        to learnt their "tricks" of maintaining good performance year after year.

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