2021 JC1 H2 Math headstart programme

Proposed lesson plan




16 or 17 Jan

23 or 24 Jan

30 or 31 Jan

6 or 7 Feb




Vectors 1

**First Lesson Free!**

Saturday: 4 30pm to 6 30pm (online)

Sunday: 10am to noon (f2f @ bukit panjang)

Fee/Signup: (online) 93247301, Mr Ang

(f2f) 97342855, John

About programme

The objective of this headstart programme is to provide an introduction to the common topics covered in semester 1 of JC 1. This is to help students master these topics quickly when they begin formal lessons in school.

We will adopt the blended learning model to conduct the programme. Students can learn the fundamental concepts through video lessons at their own pace for an unlimited number of times. These students will then meet up for a "live" tuition session, either through online platform or physical f2f at tuition centre, to engage in discussion or problem solving using what they have learnt in the video lessons.

This programme will also give an introduction to A Level vectors because vectors is deemed as one of the toughest topic in H2 math and students might not have learnt O level topics well due to it being the "Common Last Topic".

About Tutor

Mr Ang has been teaching A level mathematics in junior colleges for more than a decade. He has helped many struggling students improve their mathematics by at least 3 grades. Some students improved as much as from U to A.


Over the years, Mr Ang has encountered numerous students who did not take action early enough to improve in their grade, only to panic at the very last minute whereby benefits of tuition has diminished. Therefore he has decided to launch various programmes to provide early support to students and increase their chances of scoring A during examination.



(online) 93247301, Mr Ang

(f2f) 97342855, John