Graphing Techniques

Lesson 2: More Features

The usual features of a graph's sketch includes:

  • Asymptotes

  • Axial intercepts

  • Stationary points

(2) Axial intercepts

Axial intercepts refer to the points where the graph cuts the x and the y axes.

(A) y intercept

It is obtained when x = 0.

(B) x intercept

It is obtained when y = 0.

Example 1

Find the axial intercepts of the following equations:








(3) Stationary points

Stationary points are located when the gradient of the graph = 0.

Example 2

Find the exact stationary point(s) of the graph given by                     



All the features (except for asymptotes) can be obtained from the graphic calculator. However the graphic calculator may not provide exact values.


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