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Who is this

" Math COnsultant"?

About Me

Mr Ang

Male, Chinese

Current school teacher

> 10 year experience teaching JC Mathematics

Masters, First Class Honours in Math (NUS)

PGDE in JC Math

A Level Math Lesson
Other Experiences

Math Lecturer at Junior Colleges and other institutions

Math Editor

Private Tutor (>10 years) for JC Math

*Awarded "Senior Expert Tutor* by Domain of Experts

A Level Math tuition
Some Testimonials

“For 2 years in JC I have mostly been failing or barely passing math, but after attending Mr Ang’s lessons he’s helped pinpoint on my weak points and advised me on which exercises I should focus on to improve in those areas. His specific and concise explanations in class and over whatsapp goes beyond merely explaining the questions’ solutions, which are crucial to understanding tough concepts in the short few months before the A Levels. I’m really grateful for all the time and effort he has spent to help me throughout that time.”

– Cassie, AJC (E to A)

“Math has always been my weakest subject and I couldn’t catch up once I was in J2. Before I approached Mr Ang, I got a U for my latest exam. However, with Mr Ang’s guidance, I was able to cope better with my school work and subsequently do additional practices. He was patient and taught me the skills I needed to work better under exam conditions. He also gave me additional resources to supplement my learning. Under his coaching, I was able to improve steadily and made a 5 grades jump.”

– Germaine, ACJC (U to A)

Mr Ang is an extremely patient teacher that will help you through step by step. He explains in great details and teaches us how to think effectively. He knows what each student needs (not want) and will ensure that they reach their fullest potential.

- Cynthia Oo. YIJC (A for A levels)

A good teacher is like a candle -it consumes itself to light the way for others. Mr Ang is an example of such where he is a dedicated teacher that puts in his best in teaching his students. Not only does he always answer all our doubts, he also provide us with many practice questions to help us get sufficient practice. Mr Ang's mathematics lessons are engaging and clear.

-Queena Tan. IJC (S to A)

A patient and understanding tutor that was willing to coach me in H2 Maths through provision of worksheets for particular topics I had difficulties in.Worksheets provided were indeed instrumental to my learning by stimulating me to think deeply and analyse the questions more closely as compared to tutorial questions I had in JC,allowing me to solve more complex math questions overtime.

He would also show care and concern to his students by asking them via WhatsApp how they fared for recent examinations and also willingly lend a helping hand to any difficulties faced in any questions in their schoolwork via WhatsApp too.I must say being able to customise one's learning in such a tuition which provides flexibility towards one's learning was instrumental in helping me get an A for H2 Maths in A levels,from an E in JC1 Math Promo.Without the help of Mr Ang,achieving a perfect score in the A levels may have not been possible.Thank you Mr Ang!

- Jun Jie. PJC (E to A)

A Level Mathematics Testimonial
A Level Mathematics Testimonial
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